ATSAC Annual Conference 2023

When: 17th June 2023                       

Where: Online over Zoom

Book your place now on our exciting one-day annual conference designed for therapists, practitioners and researchers who are interested in learning more about working with sexual addiction and compulsivity.

In order to keep our members safe and ensure the conference goes ahead, we have made some changes to the format and location. We are holding the conference over Zoom. So you will still get to see our amazing speakers, but from the comfort of your home. We are having 5 main speaker presentations, so all delegates get to see all speakers.

***Our member offer is back for 2023 – All ATSAC members booking a ticket will receive 2 free CPD events in 2023***


We are pleased to confirm all of our exciting 2023 Speakers…


Dr. Robert Weiss

Chief Clinical Officer of Seeking Integrity LLC

Dr. Weiss is Chief Clinical Officer of Seeking Integrity LLC, with clinical programs that provide online education and residential treatment for sex, porn, and substance/sex-addicted men and their families. A psychotherapist and addiction specialist, he has created six intimacy and addiction treatment programs in the US, Southeast Asia, and the US military. Dr. Weiss is an online host for Digital Addiction on A&E. He has served as a subject-matter expert for numerous major media outlets, including CNN, NPR, and The New York Times, among others. He is the author of eleven books, including Prodependence, Sex Addiction 101, and Out of the Doghouse. His Psychology Today blog, “Love and Sex in the Digital Age,” has over 21 million reads, while his podcast, “Sex, Love, & Addiction,” has over 1.1 million downloads.

Leigh Brown

EMDR Specialist

Leigh trained with Relate, working with Couples and Relationships and followed on with training as a psychosexual psychotherapist. Training in treating Sex Addiction and Sex Offending followed and a desire to be more effective in working with the traumas encountered in client work started a search. Leigh discovered EMDR and after her basic training, gained accreditation and undertook an MSc in EMDR. How Leigh works has been totally transformed by having EMDR knowledge and the incredibly supportive community of other EMDR therapists.

William Van Gordon

Chartered Psychologist and Associate Professor of Contemplative Psychology at the University of Derby

Dr William Van Gordon is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Professor of Contemplative Psychology at the University of Derby (UK), where he also Chairs the School of Psychology Research Committee. He is internationally recognised for advancing the Contemplative Psychology research agenda, to which he has contributed 100+ peer-reviewed papers. William’s research focusses on improving understanding of how processes and principles relating to meditation can improve physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing in a range of applied settings, including for facilitating recovery from behavioural addiction.

Robert Hudson                                                                                      

Integrative psychotherapist drawing on humanistic, psychoanalytic/psychodynamic, and cognitive behavioural models

Dr Hudson received his Doctor of Psychotherapy by Professional Studies award from Middlesex University and Metanoia Institute, for his thesis entitled the Impact of Compulsive Sexual Behaviour and Sexual Addiction on the Couples’ Relationship. He is a UKCP registered psychotherapist, who specialises on the impact of Trauma, Sex Compulsive Behaviour therapy and recovery. A certified Sex Addiction & Trauma Specialist and CSAT-S Supervisor, an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapist, with EMDR Association.

Speaker presentations…


Robert Weiss

Prodependence: Growing past the myth of codependence: A strengths-based model for those who love and work with addicts

A multitude of books, articles, workshops and treatment modalities centre on codependency as a therapeutic concept, yet codependency has never been formalized as a specific diagnosis in the DSM or ICD. This thought-provoking talk invites attendees to question old assumptions and consider new ideas, ensuring our work remains strengths-based, useful and deeply compassionate.

Leigh Brown

Using EMDR with those with Sexual Compulsivity and /or their Partners

EMDR works on adapting information which is held dysfunctionally in neural networks as a result of the symptoms caused by trauma by facilitating desensitisation and reprocessing and reducing the somatic responses the body holds as a result.  Leigh will look briefly at 5 ways using EMDR can have an impact on treating clients. EMDR has 8 phases. These are not implemented in isolation apart from point 1 as they form part of the treatment process.

William Van Gordon

The Applications of Mindfulness and Contemplative Approaches for Recovery from Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

By learning to mindfully observe and relate to such stimuli as passing phenomena, research indicates that mindfulness can improve self-control and emotion regulation as well as reduce impulsivity and negative affect, all of which are associated with compulsive sexual behaviour. This talk will explore key research insights in this area and then contextualise these with a focus on integration and application within psychotherapeutic contexts, including strategies for facilitating comprehension for individuals likely to be naive to meditative principles.

Robert Hudson

LGBTQIA+ and Compulsive Sexual Behaviour 

This presentation will explore the unique challenges that LGBTQI+ individuals and couples may face when seeking treatment for compulsive sexual behaviour. For example, they may face stigma and discrimination from therapists or support groups that are not LGBTQI+-affirming. The presentation will also provide information on resources that are specifically tailored to the needs of LGBTQI+ individuals who struggle with compulsive sexual behaviour.


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