Diploma in Sex Addiction Counselling
Level 5 CPCAB & 72 Hours COSRT approved CPD


Course Directors: Paula Hall & Nick Turner

Course information:

The Accredited Diploma in Sex Addiction Counselling has been developed to provide counsellors, psychotherapists and addiction specialists with the tools to assess and treat sex addiction. Delegates will also gain the necessary skills to work with partners and support couples and families in recovery. The course is divided into three 4 day modules. Each module provides distinct skills for working with different levels of addiction and client groups. Attendance at all three modules is required to receive the Diploma, but Module 1 may be taken alone to provide basic introductory skills.

Training modules:

Module One – An introduction to working with Sex Addiction

This module provides all the skills required to understand, assess and treat sex addiction.

Module Two – Working with Complex Cases and Partners

In this module, you will explore how to work with cross-addiction, co-morbidity, paraphillias and offending. Training is also provided on working with partners and support couples.

Module Three – Advanced Skills 

Focusing on developing advanced skills for working with people with sex addiction and maintaining their recovery. Skills taught include motivational interviewing, positive psychology, internalised other interviewing, EFT and sex therapy techniques.

Programme dates, Venue & Details:

Leamington Spa                                           London                                              Greater Manchester

23-26 September 2019, Module 1                1-4  Feb 2020, Module 1                      29 Nov – 2 Dec 2019, Module 1

25-28 November 2019, Module 2                 28-31 March 2020, Module 2              28 Feb – 2 March 2020, Module 2

13-16 January 2020, Module 3                     16-19 May 2020, Module 3                 17-20 April 2020, Module 3

Discounts are available for early bird registration and when more than one trainee attends from the same organisation.

For further information:
T: 01926 339594 / 020 7965 7302
E: info@thelaurelcentre.co.uk
W: www.thelaurelcentre.co.uk