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I am a COSRT Accredited, ATSAC Qualified, UKCP, BACP and RELATE Registered Psychotherapist.  I have been facilitating relationships between people of various cultures in a professional environment since the early 1990’s. Relationships and sex are intriguing, hence my fascination with how these can be helped and enhanced. Sometimes if we feel disconnected, anxious or unhappy we may look for a swift  “pick-me up” which can quickly escalate out of control with unpleasant consequences on ourselves and our relationships with others. This may come in the form of compulsions around sex. Most of us have an inherent need to connect and relate, be accepted and valued emotionally, physically or otherwise, something essential to our survival no matter what our background. Sexual behaviours which spin out of control can have a detrimental effect on ourselves and how we connect with others.

How I can help
Having studied Relationship Therapy to a Master’s degree level with additional postgraduates in Psychosexual Therapy, Sex Addiction/Compulsivity Therapy and EMDR (Europe) Trauma Therapy, I have been part of one of the authorities in Relationship and Sex Therapy -RELATE. I have gathered valuable knowledge and experience in enabling couple and sexual relationships as well as guiding and helping to overcome  sexually compulsive behaviours (e.g. compulsive use of pornography, paid sex, fetishism etc) when these do not serve well. Where necessary I can help lessen the emotional load of trauma which often underlies current emotional difficulties.

I work in a deeply compassionate way, facilitating change through collaborative dialogue, exercises, explaining and educating, yielding a positive feedback loop where there is no judgement or stigma within a safe and contained environment. I can help both those entwined in out-of-control sexual behaviours as well as offer support, practical advice and tools to their partners. In order to provide the best of services, I strongly believe in keeping up to date with the latest research and newly emerging therapies, which I accomplish through attending over 100 hours of courses and seminars for continuous professional development per year.

You are welcome to a 30-minute free consultation so you can decide for yourself whether the services I offer resonate with your needs and how these may correlate to the issues you want to address. My intention is to provide you with information on the basis of which you may make your own informed decisions on what steps you wish to follow next.

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Worldwide except USA and Canada
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Individual, Adult, Couple, Group, Family
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Telephone , Video call
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MA Relationship Therapy (University of Hull / RELATE Institute), Postgraduate Certificate in Psychosexual Therapy (RELATE / COSRT), Treating Out of Control Sexual Behaviour (Pink Therapy / Harvey Institute), Postgraduate Diploma in Sex Addiction Counselling (Institute for Sex Addiction Training ISAT), EMDR Europe Accredited Trauma Training
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