One-to-One Therapy

As with most addictions, some people who are addicted to sex manage to take back the control and stop acting out.

But many find that they need professional support to take back control of their lives. This can be with an individual therapist or in a group environment. Both methods have their own advantages.

Working with a trained professional, one who knows the subtle differences to other addictions that addiction to sex throws up, can be extremely effective for most people.

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The therapy tends to be very focused and clients find that this can mean that they learn about themselves quicker and so change whatever they feel they need to. Others find either working in a group dynamic, either separately or consecutively with one-to-one therapy more effective for them.

Working with a therapist usually involves following an intensive programme of change. The counsellor will help their client accept their addiction, explore the underlying factors and agree with him/her how to change and control it.

Addiction to sex has similarities to other addictions, but unlike other addictions where complete abstinence is required, continuing to have some form of sexual intimacy is usually expected. A therapist who has gone through ATSAC recognised training will have the knowledge to respect this innate need and work with the client to find out how best to satisfy the client’s particular needs.

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