ATSAC Annual Conference 2024

When: 8th June 2024                       

Where: Online over Zoom

Book your place now on our exciting one-day annual conference designed for therapists, practitioners and researchers who are interested in learning more about working with sexual addiction and compulsivity.

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We are having 4 main speaker presentations, so all delegates get to see all speakers.


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Cece Sykes


Cece Sykes, LCSW, ACSW has over forty years of clinical experience treating recovery from trauma and addiction. A consultant, author and senior trainer, she has been educating therapists around the world on how to apply the IFS therapy model to addictive processes.  Additionally, Sykes invites therapists to explore their personal narratives in her Heart Lessons of the Journey retreats. She lectures, consults, and leads workshops on these and related topics. Her recent book IFS Therapy for Addictions: Trauma-Informed, Compassion-Based Interventions for Substance Use, Eating, Gambling and More was released March, 2023. She lives and works  in her lifelong home of Chicago. 

Alexandra Cat

Director – The Yoga Clinic (UK); Senior Faculty – Centre for Trauma and Embodiment (USA)

Alexandra specialises in working with complex presentations of somatic dissociation through the lens and practices of yoga. In both her individual and group work her interests are in early sexual assault, neglect, body dysmorphia, fantasy and shame. She has a special interest in working with individuals with non-conforming identities of sex, gender and sexuality.

Rob (a Client)

In recovery

Rob has been in recovery from Compulsive Sexual Behaviour since his own rock bottom moment in May 2022.  He is 65 years old, married for 42 years and has 2 sons diagnosed with ADHD.  Rob was also diagnosed with ADHD at age 60.  He describes raising 2 sons with ADHD as somewhat of a challenge but feels this is nothing compared to the recovery journey, he and his wife have experienced over the last 2 years. As part of his own recovery Rob is pursuing ways in which he hopes he can contribute to the recovery therapy field by providing a perspective from someone with a neurodiversity on the experience of therapy and recovery in general.

DS Andy M

T/Detective Inspector

T/Detective Inspector Andy Marsh is an experienced detective, who has spent over 15 years investigating digitally enabled child sexual abuse.  He now runs a specialist police team who constantly explore new and emerging trends and offender behaviours.



An Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Compassion for Addictive Processes

Cece Sykes

We all have felt ‘addicted’ to common diversions like scrolling on phones, nighttime eating, binge-TV or online shopping. We’ve also felt frustration and bewilderment- why can’t we stop doing this?  When our practices and preoccupations become self-defeating and harmful, frustration becomes desperation and we are overcome with shame and hopelessness. The Internal Family Systems (IFS) model offers a paradigm shift. Rather than viewing addiction as a self-destructive pathology, we view addictive behaviors as trying to help. United in their drive to do ‘whatever it takes’ to protect the system, the parts engaged in soothing, avoidant activities are ultimately committed to addressing underlying pain. In this seminar we will show how clients can create empowering inner connections to the teams that make up their addictive cycles. Starting with acceptance and a non-judgmental context, we discover the motivations behind high-risk practices and how to reach and heal underlying attachment wounds and trauma. 

Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Somatic Dissociation – Implications for Sexual Arousal and Sense of Self

Alexandra Cat

In this presentation participants will have an opportunity to engage in and reflect on a led practice of Trauma Centre, Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY). The TCTSY practice has been built by and for survivors of developmental trauma. It is particularly useful for those struggling with somatic dysregulation including complex states of somatic dissociation which can include hyper and hypo sexualised arousal. No prior yoga experience, special clothing or equipment is required.

Heads or Tails? The Two sides of the coin for neurodiverse recovery 

Rob Client  

Rob’s presentation will describe his own recovery journey experience so far and the challenges addicts and partners can face from the moment of discovery in finding a successful route to recovery. He will draw upon his connection with fellow addicts to argue the equal importance of addressing both NATURE as it affects client’s neurochemistry as well as NURTURE because of the impact of childhood experiences if recovery is to be successful. He will also argue that recovery sometimes as much a matter of luck as it is to successful therapy.  He will propose that the process of matching therapist to client needs to be made far easier. He will also promote the idea that all therapists should receive at least awareness training on neurodiversity and that new clients should be routinely screened for possible neurodiversity as part of any initial therapy assessment.   

CSA Offender Misuse of Emerging New Technologies – A Law Enforcement Perspective

DS Andy M

An oversight of current CSA offender misuse of technologies, such as VR, AI and Chatbots.  This talk will discuss how offenders are utilising these technologies to advance real world offending along with the emergence of worrying levels of sadism within ‘virtual’ CSA settings.  This input will touch on where offending is currently, what aspirations offenders have for these technologies and a realistic estimation of when those aspirations may be reached. 

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Book your place now on our exciting one-day annual conference designed for therapists, practitioners and researchers who are interested in learning more about working with sexual addiction and compulsivity.



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