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Ian Richards
The Park Counselling Centre, 31 Park Road, Coventry, , CV1 2LE 85.38 mi

The Dale, Wootton Wawen, Henley-in-Arden B95 6AZ, UK 87.87 mi

Bridgnorth WV16, UK 120.72 mi
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I am a qualified Supervisor.

Supervision is a safe place for you to debrief and reflect on your working practice. My role is to support and facilitate you in your professional development but at the same time be respectful of your own way of working.

My goal is to inspire you with your therapy work helping you to be the best that you can be in your professional development. I think it’s important to tap into the essence of your creativity and explore deeper levels of thinking, helping to bring higher dimensions of consciousness into your awareness. I would also help you become more open with your experiences, to build stronger therapeutic alliances with your clients thus supporting you in your work.

I am registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and adhere to their professional code of ethics and good practice.
I am also able to hold sessions via Zoom.


Noel Copeland
B98 7HD 93.64 mi
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I offer Clinical Supervision to experienced and trainee therapists. especially those undertaking training to work in the area of sex addiction / offending sexual behaviour. I also Supervise those in initial training to be Counsellors / therapists at a midlands University. My Clinical Supervision / consultative support experience includes the Emergency Services and Education.

I have been using Counselling skills for almost 30 years., initially with ‘Victim Support’. I have chaired a ‘Victim Support’ Scheme and was involved in training Staff and volunteers. I undertook training to work with victims of sexual assault and families and friends of murder victims.

I have also supported trainee Couples Counsellors for a national counselling organisation.

I qualified as a Counsellor/ Psychotherapist in 1997 and gained Accreditation  in 2001.  I  became  Senior Accredited in 2007.   I hold a National Counselling Society  Certificate in Supervision  ( 2019) and an Assessment and Qualifications  Alliance   AQA   Certificate in  Supervision Skills (2000).

As a Clinical Supervisor, I aim to facilitate experienced and trainee therapists to continue their development as competent Practitioners, providing a Professional Counselling / Psychotherapy service for their clients.
My Ongoing Continuous Professional Development involves attending Seminars workshops, conferences, related to Sexual health and Addiction in addition to other areas in Counselling and Psychotherapy. This also includes attending courses and Seminars related to Clinical Supervision.

Valerie Northcote
HR4 9HP 117.03 mi
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I originally trained as a young person’s counsellor, later as a substance abuse counsellor with adults. My counselling journey has since seen me become a couple counsellor, then a sex therapist and finally working with compulsive sexual behaviours.

I bring all those experiences and knowledge to my supervision and enjoy supervising both students and qualified counsellors. I’m happy to supervise in person, on the telephone or via Zoom.

Gary McFarlane
BS24 9AY 122.59 mi
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Theoretical Approach:

I come at the work from a psychodynamic, systemic, CBT, TA, EMDR, Feeling-State, eclectic approach and I combine these skills in the Supervision work that I offer to counsellors and Mediators, coming from a background of the legal profession and Mediation.

Do contact me to discuss your Supervision needs as I develop my supervision practice under the training of Robin Shohet, joint author of “Supervision in the helping professions”.

Professional Details:

I am a Relate trained and experienced Relationship counsellor, Mediator and undertakes Sex Therapy & Sex, Porn Love Addiction treatment, all of which are undertaken by Secure encrypted webcam such as Zoom, Skype/Vsee, telephone and face to face with clients from all parts of the country and abroad. I have historically worked online with over 80&% of my clients. I am a member of BACP and the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity and an Accredited member of the Assoc of Christian Counsellors and is a member of stopSO, a trained Online Therapist and member of ACTO. I practice EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) – with individuals, Groups, Recent Trauma events and The Flash Technique – for resolving Trauma and other quality of life limiting issues.

Issues I work with:

I work predominantly Online with clients based throughout the UK & abroad via secure & encrypted Webcam. I provide what may be the world’s first fully comprehensive Sex, Porn, Love Addiction Video-on-Demand Webinar Recovery ProgrammeSummary:

Porn addiction; Sex Addiction; Love addiction, Psychosexual Therapy; Couples Counselling; Marriage counselling; Singles counselling; Relationship counselling; Sex Therapy; Pre-marriage preparation; Christian Counselling; Relationship conflict; Mediation; Supervision; Conflict Resolution; EMDR; Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing. Trauma Processing.

Trudy Hannington
DN10 6HB 137.9 mi
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I have worked in sexual health for 23 years and trained as a psychosexual therapist in 2002. I did the sex addiction training with Dr, Thaddeus Birchard approximately 10 years ago.
I run a large private practice and have contracts with the NHS to cover all sexual difficulties including sex addiction. I currently supervise a number of senior therapists. I am an accredited member of COSRT and registered with UKCP.

Ian Baker
S11 8FT 140.78 mi
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I work collaboratively with supervisees through focusing and learning, being responsive throughout to your needs. Supervision is a place where it’s good to discuss what troubles us, explore concerns, disclose personal issues, explore general practice and theoretical issues. A sense of freedom comes when learning and exploring, to find ways back to trusting ourselves through shared understandings of what helps. I believe through trust and feeling safe we try new ideas; our self-determination grows and valuing uncertainty grows.

I work with supervisees who help clients with specificity but not exclusively, compulsive sexual behaviours and their partners. I offer supervision in a collaborative manner, assisting supervisees to develop their individual needs, whilst providing, supportive, educative and normative function. Assisting in identifying strengths and areas for development and encouraging supervisees to set their own objectives.

I enjoy working with trainees, to share what I have enjoyed throughout my own supervision from when I was a trainee.

I qualified as a counsellor and psychotherapist and went on to specialise in sex addiction therapy. In that time I also trained as a relational therapist and a psychosexual therapist. In my practice I work across all these areas and supervise work across them. I was a founding trustee of the Counselling in Prisons network, have been Vice Chair of ATSAC and currently I am a trustee at STOPSO. I have provided training to Manchester NHS, BASHH, SMMGP, COSRT, ATSAC and University counselling services.