Ian Baker

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I work collaboratively with supervisees through focusing and learning, being responsive throughout to your needs. Supervision is a place where it’s good to discuss what troubles us, explore concerns, disclose personal issues, explore general practice and theoretical issues. A sense of freedom comes when learning and exploring, to find ways back to trusting ourselves through shared understandings of what helps. I believe through trust and feeling safe we try new ideas; our self-determination grows and valuing uncertainty grows.

I work with supervisees who help clients with specificity but not exclusively, compulsive sexual behaviours and their partners. I offer supervision in a collaborative manner, assisting supervisees to develop their individual needs, whilst providing, supportive, educative and normative function. Assisting in identifying strengths and areas for development and encouraging supervisees to set their own objectives.

I enjoy working with trainees, to share what I have enjoyed throughout my own supervision from when I was a trainee.

I qualified as a counsellor and psychotherapist and went on to specialise in sex addiction therapy. In that time I also trained as a relational therapist and a psychosexual therapist. In my practice I work across all these areas and supervise work across them. I was a founding trustee of the Counselling in Prisons network, have been Vice Chair of ATSAC and currently I am a trustee at STOPSO. I have provided training to Manchester NHS, BASHH, SMMGP, COSRT, ATSAC and University counselling services.

Price Range
£0 to 250
Location Areas Covered
Sheffield, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire
Disabled access
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    Further Information

    As a Sex Addiction Therapist, I work with individuals and or with partners . I am a qualified Relationship Therapist and Psychosexual Therapist and at times, within each unique situation, find this may provide additional support for the individual. I have qualified colleagues who with informed consent/ permission, I may signpost for additional partner support; in order that therapy remains contained but also beneficial for the client(s)/relationship. And I am able to signpost where the need arises, group work and aftercare support.