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About Me
I’m a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy, and I specialise in working with problematic drug & alcohol use, and sex addiction (including porn use). There are many reasons that we use substances or behaviours to change the way we feel and deal with painful emotions.
Perhaps you once felt in control and now it feels like substances or behaviours are in control of you. You may be experiencing problems in your relationships, work, health and finances and feel overwhelmed. Understanding your relationship with substances, sex or porn is key to resolving the struggle, and often the root of behaviour lies in the past. I’ll work with you to explore the origins of unhelpful patterns of behaviour, relating to others, unresolved emotional trauma, and feelings of anxiety, depression & stress. I also work with people who are affected by another person’s behaviour or use of substances, and those supporting others in active addiction.
You might be feeling isolated, lonely or not sure where to start. It’s not always easy facing this on your own, and asking for support can feel like a big step. My practice is a confidential and compassionate space for you to explore whatever it is you’re going through. So please do email or call me to arrange a free initial phone call and to learn more.
About Me

MBACP Senior Accredited Counsellor and Supervisor, ATSAC Member from 2011, Professional Certificate in Sexual Addiction Dublin. Providing treatment for sex and porn addiction clients, partners, couples with sex and porn addiction Belfast and Bangor, Co. Down NI and online in UK and Ireland.

Additional Information: I have almost 30 years experience as a couples therapist and 17 years as a clinical supervisor.  In order to meet the diversity of clients needs, I offer a holistic assessment framework and an integrated approach in working with sex and porn addiction. I also provide CPD training and counsellor supervision in sex and porn addiction. I hold a Relate Certificate in couples counselling.

Roberta Richmond
116 Bloomfield Avenue, Belfast , BT5 4AE 319.6 mi
About Me

I have been a practising counsellor for the past 15 years, managing one of Belfast’s largest counselling charities and a team of 30 counsellors. I am committed to providing counselling and coaching in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.  I am a Senior Accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.   I adhere to the BACP ethical framework, which means you can be confident that I abide by a strict code of confidentiality, that I undertake regular ongoing training and that I am appropriately supervised.

I have worked for many years as Trauma Counsellor, helping people process difficult things that have happened to them or that they have witnessed. I have completed trainings in EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Trauma Focused CBT.

About Me

I have 13 year’s experience as a counsellor working with a wide range of issues, and have specialist training in sex and pornography addiction.

If you’re concerned about your sexual behavior, pornography usage (or combination) then you might be further along the path of recovery than you think.  Even beginning to acknowledge that you may have a problem is a massive step, because many people stay in denial.  Sometimes it’s a crisis like the loss of a job or relationship that brings people to seek help.

An addiction is said to be an ‘out of control’ relationship with a behavior or chemical.  You might spend a lot of time thinking about it when not using, and, there is most likely been a long-standing pattern of repetitively engaging with it, despite harmful consequences to your life.  You’ve probably tried to stop before, but not been able to stay reliably stopped.  If you’re usage has escalated, you’ll have been left needing more to have the desired ‘high’ effect.  Oftentimes, after using, there are strong feelings of guilt, shame and regret.

Because sex and pornography addiction are particularly shame bound, it makes it hard for people to seek help and support from friends or professionals.

How can counselling help?

Increased tolerance often results in users going deeper into their drug or behavior of choice maintain the high, and this can result in high levels of shame and self-loathing.  Often, being able to speak with someone without fear of judgement can offer some Immediate relief.

We can look at the impact of behaviors on your relationships and other areas of life, helping you can decide what to do.  Counselling can help you understand how addiction is sustained, and offer some tools to strengthen recovery.

I’m an Integrative Counsellor, which means that I can draw on a number of theories and tools that can inform and shape how we work together.  However, in my experience one very important factor is the quality of the therapeutic relationship.  This means that the relationship feels safe for you to express how you feel, be understood and feel valued without judgement.  Sex and pornography addictions are often entrenched in shame.  Shame is an incredibly painful and destructive feeling that thrives in secrecy and fear of judgement.  However, in the presence of empathy and understanding it looses its power.  Shame is thought to be a powerful ingredient in addiction, so it is important that we create the right environment to work with it.

I can only work with adults, people over the age of 18.

If you are accessing illegal material or harming other people then we are unable to work together and the law requires me to report it. In this case you should consider speaking to someone on the Stopitnow Helpline (0808 1000 900) who can offer you assistance.

To help decide if we can work together, offer a free, 20 minute telephone call to check this out, without obligation.   I offer counselling on Fridays, in the East Belfast area.  Email me on to set this up.

Mr Stephen Queen
22 Toftcombs Avenue , ML9 3QY 329.77 mi
About Me

As an Integrative CBT and EMDR Therapist, I work with an array mental health disorders and have experience working with addiction, depression, anxiety, OCD, POCD, stress, phobias, abuse, self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence. I have a particular interest in working with trauma and am currently seeking to specialise in working with children.

My current clients are aged between 8 and 85, and have a range of reasons for seeking therapy, from sex addiction, low self-esteem, relationship issues, autism, death anxiety, alcohol dependency and work stress.

I have a wealth of life-skills and have been actively involved in business management for over 20 years; with a focus on motivation and mentoring. Within our relationship, you can expect from me a non-judgemental attitude, compassion and understanding with a level of challenge coordinated to help encourage meaningful change.

I am aware and welcoming towards the LGBTQIA communities and promise a respectful and non-judgemental attitude.

As with all therapists, I engage in monthly supervision to help enhance and regulate my practice, and am a qualified clinical supervisor also.

I am an accredited member of the BABCPthe BACPand hold practitioner status with COSCAand work and abide by the Ethical frameworks therein. I am fully insured to practice and am enrolled with Disclosure Scotland’s PVG Scheme. All certificates, insurances and qualifications are always available to my clients.

I currently work from Stonehouse in Lanarkshire and Glasgow. Home visits and telephone counselling are available on request.

Empathy Rooms is a place where young people and adults can come and seek help in an environment which is Genuine, Understanding, Empathic and Confidential.

Throughout life, everyone is open to experiencing difficulties which may result in stress, anxiety or depression. At Empathy Rooms we pride ourselves on delivering a level of care which strives to promote better mental health through the process of discovery and change, whilst using evidence-based interventions and methods tailored individually to improve your quality of life.

About Me

I work with couples, and mainly individuals experiencing difficulties with sexual addiction. I also will see the partners whereby it is not a conflict of interests to do so.

I am a Founder Member of ATSAC (The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity) and a significant part of my work is now in this area. I use an Integrative Theoretical approach with respect to the development of sexual addiction, its assessment and treatment. I continue to read and develop professionally in this field and strive to promote and improve upon treatment methods and relapse prevention techniques.

About Me

I will offer therapy to individuals, a couples and families affected by sexual addiction or out of control sexual a behaviour that is affecting one or more people.
I see people who are charged under the sexual offences act in the UK
I work with each individual to find healthy expression of their sexuality

Additional Information:

The primary focus is to address the clients expressed concern, however often other issues come to light that also need to be addressed.
Such as sexual dysfunction mental health issues, unresolved grief and work/life balance concerns.
Clients may want short-term therapy. These problems can take sometimes address and the therapy process is seldom short-term. Assessment can help clients define their recovery journey